Swedish word metric calculator

Input words


Optional transcription checks

Output format

(Please note that some of the word-metric calculations are rather computationally heavy, with the consequence that the webpage may become unresponsive for quite some time before the output data is returned.)

Input format

The input words need to adhere to the following instructions:

  • Each word should be on a separate line.
  • Each word may contain either only the spelling or a spelling plus a phonetic transcription, and optionally a Zipf-scale value, all delimited by tabs. All spellings must precede their corresponding phonetic transcriptions on the same line. (If only word spellings are enterred, the corresponding phonetic transcriptions of each word will be looked up in the AFC-list.)
  • The entered orthographic forms may contain any but the following 7 characters: - : . ' / _ *
  • For words lacking in the AFC-list, spelling, phonetic transcription, and Zipf-value can be entered manually (tab delimited). When enterring phonetic transcriptions, transcriptions need to be in the IPA format and use the transcription convention described here.

To assist in typing correct transcriptions, some (optional) phonetic transcription checking and correction functionality can be used. To select which of these features to use, check the corresponding check boxes above.